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My Money Breakdown


Since money is emotional, you need more than just a spreadsheet of your monthly expenses to master your money. But you do need that spreadsheet too!

We’ve got you covered. In our 3 part course, we dive into mastering your weekly expenses, our two account system so you aren’t stressed to pay bills and shifting your mentality so you can actually stick to these habits and keep that savings account growing!

You may be wondering if this course is right for you.

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👊🏼 If you find there is always a monthly bill you are stressed to pay, we can help with that.

👊🏼 If you struggle to stick to an actual budget....like, it's just hard to do! We have the tools needed to shift your mentality there and help you stick to those new habits.

👊🏼 If you want to reach $1 Million in retirement savings by age 65, we show you how to do that.

👊🏼 If you feel like saving is a drag, we can help make it fun, we promise!

People tend to think that if they could just make more money, that would solve all their problems! But it rarely does, because it's our HABITS that got us "stuck" in the first place. 

For the price of a dinner out (seriously), you can get your finances in order with My Money Breakdown.


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Student Loans Explained


It’s heartbreaking to hear people in their 20’s and 30’s  (even 40’s) still overwhelmed with their student loans and wishing someone had explained a bit about how they worked before deciding to defer them or how the interest worked.

Whether you are in school and just getting ready to start paying, or you are out and need some guidance on why these balances don’t seem to go down, we cover it all.

We worked with lawyers who specialize in student loans to dial in on the topics that are crucial to understand and we got their feedback on topics they would want to shout from the rooftop!

You may be wondering if this course is right for you. 

Let us help you decide!

🤓 If you don't really understand how paying more than the minimum amount due can make a difference on your loan, we have mind blowing statistics for you.

🤓 If you don't think paying off your loan 3 or 5 years early is possible, we have strategies you can use.

🤓 If you feel unclear about different forgiveness options or wage based programs, we cover crucial details for you so you aren't overpaying.

If this all sounds great but your whole financial situation is a bit of a hot mess, we suggest you bundle My Money Breakdown and Student Loans Explained so you can get in control of your financial future and feel amazing about it!

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How To Raise Money Smart Kids


Parents can and should feel more empowered to take an active role in their children’s financial education.  But many don’t feel confident or qualified to teach their kids about money.  This is where we are bridging that gap!

 We break down each of these aspects:

✨ Getting Kids Excited to Save

✨ Teaching Them To Be Smart Spenders

✨ Defining Your Family Values

✨ Giving Them The Tools To Be Successful

✨ Building a Healthy Relationship With Money

 You may be wondering if this course is right for you. 

Let us help you decide!

💰 Teaching kids about money doesn't necessarily mean having all the answers. It's about fostering a learning environment where parents and children can explore financial concepts together, ask questions, and seek out information. 

 💰 We provide step-by-step guidance and offer real-life examples as we walk through conversations to have with your kids and tools to help support you. 

 You have enough to worry about as a parent. Let us help make this one aspect easier for you. 



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