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We are on a mission to empower parents to set their kids up for financial success.

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Follow our whiteboard animation characters through building a Money Breakdown and additional training courses to set students up for success as they take on their own financial responsibility.

Help your students be proactive on understanding their student loans, how interest works, and more helpful tips so they make the most informed decisions about their student loans.

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Master your own Money Breakdown and the habits needed to stay in control of your finances.

Get confident with your student loan and paying it off.


We are a community who knows the value of a lifestyle budget and saving for our future. 


Now that we've got this figured out, we need to pass this down to our own kids. In a generation of "more is never enough" we are educating parents on ways they can teach their kids healthy money habits.

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It is possible to pay your bills AND still have money to go out AND save for your future.


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"Money gets blamed for family arguments, everyday stress, and the reason people don't have the time or freedom they wanted. It's time to change that for your own future."

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"We know it's most parent's deepest desire to see their kids succeed. It's our responsibility to teach them how to manage their money, pay their bills, and save for their future."


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We break down mentality shifts you need to make and financial insights in short, concise videos.

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For over a decade I’ve been coaching business owners and managing their finances.  
During that time, I'd been speaking at conferences about budgeting for individuals and was shocked how many people didn’t know the money strategies to consistently have a savings and not be stressed to pay rent at the end of each month.  
So I started sharing these strategies at conferences and the feedback was phenomenal!  I had people updating me that they had a savings for the first time and they were using our two account system to pay their bills each month stress-free.
After becoming a mom, the question shifted to, "How do I teach my kids about money so this doesn't stress them out?"  
And that's the focus of our newest course we will be releasing soon! 
This became our passion! We are educating parents on how to maintain a lifestyle budget in their household, while also providing them with the tools to confidently set up a savings for their kids. We know parents want to "do it right" for their children, so we are instilling them with the confidence & knowledge they need to teach their kids these crucial skills.



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We have a new course in the works for you and it's focused all around teaching your kids about money to set them up for financial success!

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